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Indiana University
Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Biology
Hometown: Greenwood, IN
Classification: Alumni


Why do you belong at IU?

I realized that I truly belong at IU after my freshman year when I traveled to the Dominican Republic on a medical relief trip with the Timmy Foundation. Opportunities to serve the immediate and global community are everywhere. Coming to IU, I had the goal of growing intellectually, as well as personally, in recognizing my role in a global society. The size and diversity of the campus reminds me everyday of the reasons that I am here. I hope to obtain a superior education, but also cultivate the values of compassion and self-awareness necessary for serving in a difficult world. The Bloomington campus is comprised of a diverse population socially, economically, and culturally, thus allowing me to engage in these differences and expand my perspective.

What do you like most about your major or scholarship program?

My scholarship program has been critical to my success in "learning how to learn." Hudson and Holland Scholars Program (HHSP) provides priceless mentoring opportunities and networking. Arriving my freshman year and having a mentor really helped me understand the essence of college and preparing for lifelong learning. It has been individuals like Bob Vantine with the Office of Mentoring Services and Leadership Development and Dan Woodside with HHSP that have truly made a difference in my life. They provide unprecedented support and a genuine concern for students. For their efforts and the work of those like them, I am truly grateful.

What is an interesting fact about you that most people would find surprising or unexpected?

I am one of seven children.

Where is your favorite spot on campus?

Go to the Indiana Memorial Union in the Student Activities Tower. Take the elevator by the Starbucks and Alumni Hall up to the 7th floor. Walk up the last flight of stairs to the room at the end of the hall on the 8th floor. This is the Bryan Room and not many people know about, but it is a hidden treasure. Rich in architecture and antique furniture, the room provides a beautiful view of campus. I like to go up there and study or play piano.

What is your favorite thing about Bloomington?

I love eating, and Bloomington has so many restaurants!

Tell us about your family.

I hope someday that I can be as cool and smart as my father, as well as loving and supportive like my mother. My dad can fix anything and is always working on a home project. He even built a new addition to our three-bedroom home when we needed more room for our family: Dana, Eric, me, Natalie, Evan, Becky, and Scott. Dana, age 27, currently lives in Washington D.C. and works for the Department of Defense. Eric, age 26, lives in Hollywood and works as a personal trainer. He's living the California dream. Natalie is a freshman here at IU while Evan is a freshman at Roncalli High School in Indianapolis. Becky is in the 6th grade and Scott is in 2nd grade. They are all of my best friends and each of them has shaped who I am today. My family is my strength.

What is the best college experience you have had so far?

Traveling on a medical relief trip to the Dominican Republic with the Timmy Foundation. I am currently planning another service trip to Mexico and also a trip to Ghana with the Hudson and Holland Scholars Program.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

I am currently interviewing for medical school. I hope to become a clinical professor because I really enjoy teaching, but most of all I want to heal. I want to be the person that someone comes to when they need an answer, when they long for support, when they need healing. I also want to participate in football coaching and mentoring. In all endeavors, no matter where life takes me, I want to give to others what has been given to me.

What music are you currently listening to?

Sigur Ros-Hoppipolla. Listen to it. Simply beautiful.

What is your advice to students interested in Indiana University?

Think about what you want from life and the individual that you hope to become. Contemplate what makes you happy, your academic interests, and what you like to do for fun. Then come visit campus and imagine yourself doing those things. See what the classroom experience is like and take a tour. Get as many perspectives as you can because each one is different. Finally, when you are making a college decision, ask yourself if this is a place that you can call your home. The answer will be quite clear.

Scholarship Advisory Committee
Chemistry and Math Tutor