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Cox Monument: Jesse and Beulah

The Jesse H. and Beulah Chanley Cox Scholar Programs affirm and reward the efforts of Indiana University students who have demonstrated the motivation and resourcefulness required for success through their part-time work and solid academic performance.  With five scholarship programs bearing the Cox name, it is the largest IU scholarship program on the Bloomington Campus. 

INCOMING FRESHMEN are able to apply for the following; Please click on the individual links for more information.

CURRENT IU BLOOMINGTON STUDENTS are able to apply for the following; click on the individual link for more information:

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The Cox Legacy provides for hard-working Indiana residents who are academically strong and have demonstrated financial need.  Students earning a Cox Scholarship are chosen on the basis of their demonstrated motivation, resourcefulness, and academic achievement.   They are required to continue to demonstrate this commitment to their education and to their future, while serving Indiana University and the wider community through employment.  For more information on our Cox Scholars Program opportunities, a copy of our e-brochure is available for download here.

About Jesse Cox

“Jesse was an inspiration to all who believe that happiness can be found in the quest for knowledge and that a strong work ethic deserves to be rewarded. His support, service and generosity have had a profound impact on Indiana University and higher education in Indiana. Jesse's spirit will live on through future generations of outstanding, hardworking students who follow the path he has set and seek to realize their grandest dreams through an IU education.” – Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie 

“Jesse Cox's experiences in life, especially working his way through college, led him to believe that it takes special determination, special drive, and special ambition, to realize the dream of a college education. The Cox Scholarships reward promise and hard work and ultimately fulfill dreams.” – Indiana University President Emeritus Curt Simic 

For more history about Jesse and Beulah Cox, please visit this short biography.  

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Jesse Cox