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Indiana University

The very definition of the word ‘scholarship' embodies what the college experience is all about - learning, knowledge acquired by study, the academic attainments of a scholar. Indiana University recognizes top scholars for outstanding academic achievement. 

Students must first be admitted to Indiana University to be considered for scholarships and should submit all application materials by November 1 of their senior year for maximum consideration.  Some scholarships are based solely on academic merit, while others take additional factors into consideration.  Some are awarded based on automatic evaluation of the application for admission, and some require additional application materials.  Please note that for students applying for fall 2013, all application materials must be submitted online or postmarked by by November 1 for Automatic Academic Scholarship and Selective Scholarship consideration.

Mission Statement

The Office of Scholarships provides opportunities for academically talented students to achieve their aspirations through the pursuit of a college education.

We are committed to collaborating with university and community partners, promoting diversity and accessibility in higher education, creating innovative recruitment initiatives, and fostering an environment of recognition and excellence at Indiana University.